July 20, 2015

Darkness Falls

This blog will go dark. I will keep the lights on for a few weeks more, but the switch will be flipped sometime in August.

I have been reevaluating priorities and have determined this blog is not one of them. As much as I would like to continue writing, there are so many more who do so with greater clarity and Catholicity than I could ever do.

Thank you to all who have visited, and especially to those who kept coming back.

I sincerely hope some of what I have written has caused at least one Catholic couple to pause and rethink divorce as a cure to marital difficulties...if so, then this blog has fulfilled its purpose and I can leave contented.

Thank you all again.

God's Blessings to all...

July 14, 2015

On the September 2015 Visit to the USA of Pope Francis, Part II...

I hope he stays away from the USA come September.

I don't want him here...not now. I don't want him making a fool of himself and the Catholic Church, catering as he has been elsewhere to the modern world - and a mostly socialist one at that. He and his trip will do nothing for the USA but provide fodder for the 24 hour news cycle.

He will be lauded and applauded; he will be fawned and fondled over. Catholic youth will rush to get a selfie portrait. He will undoubtedly get photo ops from faithful Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. At a photo op with the press, He will most likely be handed an "abortionfix", a crucifix made from abortion instruments in the shape of a cross upon which hangs the Corpus of Christ, smile benignly and mutter something that sounds vaguely like "Who am I to judge?".

On his "Smell the Sheep With Jorge Tour" to the poor areas of New York and Washington, DC, with Cardinals Timothy Dolan and Donald Wuerl in tow, he will stop and shake hands with the homeless and the helpless, bewailing their lack of monetary relief from the likes of the Koch Brothers, Donald Trump and the Republican members of Congress. Later on, during his walk down Michigan Avenue, he will invite some homeless men and women to serve Mass and be EMHC's at the Papal Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

I grow weary of the man... Not of the Office of the man, mind, but of THE MAN. I would take a bullet for him any day, come to his aid if he were accosted on the street, even change the tire on his Papal VW Bug-mobile. But I cringe every time I see his smiling face blaring (yes, blaring...not glaring) at me in the news.  He is quick to:

  • meet world leaders who like nothing of what he represents of Catholicism, and bewails the gutting of Mother Earth by greedy corporations (and nothing on the gutting of the priesthood of the past 50 years)
  • bemoan the plight of the poor put there by mean and selfish rich people, but then goes on multiple World Tours staining Mother Earth with his carbon footprint (but would never stain his Papacy by saying a Tridentine Papal Mass)
  • surround himself with clerics of questionable moral character who openly wish to change Catholic Doctrine, and then vilify mainstream Catholics who hold fast to the traditions of the Church, like praying Rosaries for his intentions (but would never vilify those who cater to his vision of Catholicism)

Yes, I grow weary of Pope Francis, THE MAN.

I rather wish he would just pick up the phone, dial up His Excellency Bernard Fellay and invite him to come dine with him. They will, over dinner, come to an agreement on the reconciliation with the SSPX and announce same at an after dinner impromptu press conference.

Or perhaps even do what I wrote of last February...

But, as he won't do any of what he should, I truly wish he would just stay-the-hell home.

Maybe he can write an Encyclical on The Restoration of the Tridentine Mass or a Papal Bull on The Necessity For All Clerics To Wear the Cassock, or even a Papal Bull on The Wonders and Glories of Devotion to Mary, the Mother of God. 

Or, better still (and something that would cement forever his place in Catholic and World history), in fulfillment of Our Lady of Fatima's directive, Consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart in union with all the Bishops of the World, thereby correcting immediately all that he has spoken out against since his election to the Chair of Peter. 

And he won't even have to leave Rome to enjoy the perpetual notoriety that would bring to him and his Papacy...

                          Oratio pro summo Pontifice

V. Oremus pro Pontifice nostro N. 

R. Dominus conservet eum, et vivificet eum, et beatum faciat eum in terra, et non tradat eum in animam inimicorum eius. [Ps 40:3]

Pater Noster, Ave Maria.

Deus, omnium fidelium pastor et rector, famulum tuum N., quem pastorem Ecclesiae tuae praeesse voluisti, propitius respice: da ei, quaesumus, verbo et exemplo, quibus praeest, proficere: ut ad vitam, una cum grege sibi credito, perveniat sempiternam. Per Christum, Dominum nostrum. Amen.

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July 12, 2015

Reflections On An Anniversary (of sorts)...

Although it could have been a day or two earlier, July 12th marks the fifth year of my voluntarily leaving the family home to give a still-much-loved someone her "space". I did not realize at the time that I would never again sleep under its roof, talk more than a few days-worth of words to a third of my children and be mostly estranged from over half. My naivete was at its greatest apogee; my own ideal (and not the Catholic ideal) of "...wuv, tru wuv..." was still extant. I was mere days away from letting the whole of our marital problems be placed upon my shoulders alone, but more importantly, on the verge of accepting defeat of myself, my marriage and the Sacrament of Matrimony.

At some point over the next few weeks, however, the proverbial line-in-the-sand was drawn, and not by human hands. The realization (and this was the Grace of the Sacrament coming into play) finally dawned of the import of what was going on and the ease with which I was participating in it. The silent voice of Grace was attempting - and perhaps for the last time - to strengthen my weakened Free Will. It wasn't a Saul moment - more just a slow re-awakening - but it nonetheless translated into one simple statement: "Choose now: Your will or Mine?"

It's obvious by now what choice was made and - despite the continued personal missteps and mistakes - one never regretted. The acceptance of the marital Cross - the entire Cross, not just the portion that I chose - was now fully embraced. The true meaning of love - Our Blessed Lord's love, the non-reciprocal love He gave from His Cross - was now also fully embraced. No...not so much embraced as remembered, in the words spoken 22 years earlier: "For better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; til death we do part."

What has the past five years wrought?

  • Broken and fractured parent-child relationships;
  • Strained Spousal relations;
  • Severe financial stress;
  • Children in direct conflict with the 4th Commandment;
  • Reason being subdued by Passion;
  • Forgiveness being replaced with hardheartedness;
  • Documented errors ignored and personal frailties highlighted.

It gets worse, as most any divorce Respondent, Catholic or not, will tell you. And it does, believe me, and let no one tell you otherwise. If any do, run away from them as you would any other near occasion of sin. They are and will ever remain, a danger to you and to your vocation...it will be hard enough for you keep unchaste thoughts from invading your mind, as it has been for me. Huh? What?!? Yes, my Friends...it may be a continual temptation for you. For even though the heart may be closed to all but your first spouse, after having drunk the wine for years or decades, do you not think such temptations won't be there?  That you won't ache for a warm body - any warm body? Thankfully, it hasn't happened. But don't be naive. Don't be foolish. Don't be stupid. Read and take to heart this 2014 post by Fr. Peter Carota: 10 Traditional Catholic Practices To Get Out Of Habitual Sin Especially Of The Flesh

You are and will remain a weakling if you try and carry this particular Cross alone, devoid of any help from the One Person who knows about pain, misery, weakness, unjust accusations, unrequited love, etc. He only requires that you silently give. And then give more. And then give more still.  And when that giving and the ensuing silence becomes overwhelming; when you're on the precipice of discouragement; when you think He can't possibly be listening; you will look over and there He will be, helping you up, assisting you in carrying your Cross  - Him, Simon the Cyrene, to your Scourged Christ. Think it not a proper analogy and maybe even scandalous?  It remains a truth nonetheless, for once the marital Cross has been fully accepted and embraced - as did Our Lord His own of Redemption - it becomes a very apt analogy. You may then truly walk - in imitation of His - your own Way of the Cross. For you, and for your spouse, children and marriage. Could He not be more pleased?

So, where is it all now, after 5 years? It's still a struggle some times. At other times, not so much. Most always the stress still affects me. I've gone from no kids living with me, to two, and now back down to one. That in itself is a far cry from the earlier years when I had none, and a distinct privilege I never thought I would ever have again.

I have three years to go until my youngest turns 18, graduates high school and this madness ends. I will be then a fairly young 65 years old and - by modern standards - able to retire and live comfortably for whatever remains of my life. I can travel, go anywhere I want when I want and be mostly debt free. I will be able to live in subsidized housing, have subsidized medical care and subsidized cell phone. My burial plot is bought and paid for, my funeral arrangements planned and set, down to the wording on the headstone. I will have smooth sailing for whatever life I have left. Awesome, right?

Not really...I would give it all up in a heartbeat to get my family back. The broader question really becomes, for those contemplating divorce:

Are you willing to put yourself through all what I am presently experiencing, or, would you rather fall on your knees before the Altar of Christ, and selflessly renew the vows you made years or decades before? 

I sincerely hope and pray that all spouses in marital trouble hear what I did (albeit before the divorce line is crossed):

"Choose now: Your will or Mine?"

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June 28, 2015


For many Catholics - indeed all Catholics - the line in the sand has now been drawn. It is now a wide furrow that is unable to be mistaken for anything other than what it represents - God vs Man; God's Law's vs man's laws; Purity of Soul vs Lust of Nature. Black and white has now been made a neutral gray, its purity and beauty now decided by the whim of the person, rather than the immutable Truth of God. More fitting words cannot describe it better than:


It is indeed finished.  Some will believe the Pope and Bishops could have/should have done something more (in grand scheme of this life, what is more important: junk science or one's immortal Soul?) and they would be right (Canon 915, anyone?) Now, however, a few prominent Catholic SCOTUS members have told us there is no longer any need to hate the sin and love the sinner...we must now love the sinner AND his/her sin (at least civilly, for the moment anyway.)


Quite possibly, some openly homosexual and militant Catholic "couple" will present themselves for Holy Communion and will publicly force the issue still further - into the very Sanctuary of the Catholic Church. And also quite possibly, the priest who lawfully refuses to lay the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ upon an unworthy tongue will be media-crucified, not unlike his Savior before him, when the news goes viral.  


And it will happen because the Church has lost focus of Her mission: to convert all men to the One True Church of Christ. The focus was not lost within the recent hoopla of SSM, but within the Pontificate of John XXIII and most certainly in that of Paul VI, he of the Mass we now call the Ordinary Form. That is where the blacks and whites all coalesced into grays that were able to be individualized by the local celebrant. The black and white Truth of the now-Extra Ordinary Latin Mass was shoved aside - illegally, as was always known - in favor of the new: the new that was, in part, helped in its production and birth by Protestants who had no business dipping their heretical fingers into our Catholic Mass. When the Mass was changed, so was our Foundation and our Faith. We are now reaping the whirlwind of neutralism, and it shows everyday in the Biden's, the Pelosi's, the Kennedy's... and especially in the Kasper's and the Marx's.


The Catholic Faith is filled with "triumvirate's", so to speak: the Holy Trinity, The Holy Family and especially, the triumvirate of marriage: Indissolubility, Permanency and Procreation. And it is mainly the triumvirate of marriage that has taken the blows, wounds and arrows of the past few decades. The first to fall was Permanency via No Fault Divorce in 1970. The second - Procreation - was felled by the 1973 Roe v Wade SCOTUS decision...The third quite possibly will fall in some manner come this October, if Indissolubility gets replaced by the "Permissive Adultery fiat".


We have apparently been told by the POTUS, the boss of the SCOTUS, that "...today should also give us hope that on the many issues with which we grapple often painfully real change is possible,” and which the article goes on to propose the meaning is quite simply that "... Those who disagree with the idea of gay marriage based, for example, on their religious views, must change to be more like progressives who accept gay marriage." Can the Cross or Crown decision we may be called to make now be that far behind?


So...what to do? What Catholic's always do - utilize the four P's: Prayer, Penance, Patience and Perseverance. For ourselves; for our families; for the Catholic SCOTUS members; for our Bishops, priests and Pope Francis. For those locked into the lower-nature battle of SSA. And especially for the restoration and preservation of Traditional marriage. 

Dom Prosper Gueranger had a prescience of today when he said:

"There are times, when the Holy Spirit requires from a Christian something beyond interior resistance of the enemies of his soul: he must make an outward protestation against error and evil, as often as position or duty demands it.

On such occasions, he must bear to become unpopular, and console himself with the words of the apostle: “If I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.” (Gal. 1:10) But the Holy Ghost will be on his side; and finding him resolute in using His gift of fortitude, not only will He give him a final triumph, but He generally blesses that soul with a sweet and courageous peace, which is the result and recompense of a duty fulfilled."


"Not Hardly" as a well known Catholic deathbed convert was fond of saying.

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June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day to Divorced and Separated Dad's Everywhere...

On this Father's Day, a video reminder for Fathers separated from their children due to divorce that we do not need to be loved in order to Love; we are still Fathers before God, even if sometimes it appears not so before our children and that our children still need us, especially when they push us away trying to cope with their own pain and loss. It is then, especially then, when we must beat down the brick wall that separates parent and child and show them they are not alone - and they are still very much Loved...

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A List of Vastly Superior and Eminently More Important Subjects for A Papal Encyclical

These are just my thoughts for Papal pronouncements that would bring more Grace to the Faithful, than the current one of Laudato Si. 

In no particular order, excepting that #1 is something many people wish to see as much as I:

1.) On the Official Reconciliation of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X and Rome.

2.) On the Requirement, under pain of Excommunication, for Catholic Politicians, Catholic Teachers and other Catholic's in Public Service to Uphold The Moral Teachings of Holy Mother Church.

3.) On the Establishment of a Rosary Crusade in every Diocese in the USA to plead to the Mother of Christ for Her intercession that the Catholic Supreme Court Justices of the United States respond to Her many Graces and affirm and assert their Catholic Faith and Morals, thereby upholding Traditional Marriage in the USA.

4.) On the Reversion of the Tridentine Mass back to the Ordinary Form in the Roman Catholic Church.

5.) On the Reaffirmation that Outside the Roman Catholic Church there is no Salvation, that the Sixth Commandment is still Extant and of the Existence of Hell and the Souls therein.

6.) On the ending of Ecumenism and the Reaffirmation that there is only One, True Church of Jesus Christ and all other Churches are heretical, as are their Bishops.

7.) On the Requirement that all Bishops fully support and enforce the Reconciliation of Separated Spouses, as stated in the 1983 Code of Canon Law. 

 8.) On the Reaffirmation that Holy Communion is reserved for those free from Mortal Sin and that the Sacrament of Penance is available for those who currently are not.

9.) On the Divorced and Remarried sans Annulment, reminding them they made the willful decision to Separate themselves from the Church, it is not the Catholic Church who is at fault in this and of the still extant Sacrament of Penance that will open the door to correcting their sin.

10.) On the Reaffirmation of the Roman Catholic Church's mission to convert all men to the One, True Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

11.) On the Establishment of a Universal Church fortnight Rosary Crusade for our Catholic Brethren in the Middle East, that their current sufferings might soon be ended and Peace return to their homes and countries.  

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June 6, 2015

Divorce, Estrangement and Facing The Giants

For being a noun, "estrangement" is such a negative and harsh  word. Even its etymology is negative: quarrel, estrangement, discord, strife, from Old French destance (13c.), from Latin distantia "a standing apart." Discord. Strife. Quarrel. As a word, "estrangement" truly sucks. When applied to divorces, as in spousal estrangement, it is more so: you're always at odds with each other and seldom see eye-to-eye on most things concerning your children.

But estrangement reaches its full apogee when it involves a parent and children. More than likely it will be a terminal condition, absent a Saul moment for an individual child or a miracle of God's Grace upon your children as a whole. Wrapped within the emotional cocoon of parental estrangement, children will always be at odds:

  • with the Fourth Commandment; 
  • with the virtue of Charity;
  • with a Step-Parent (i.e. how can a child estranged from a biological parent ever truly give proper respect to a step-parent?)

Even if positive changes in action and attitude occur with the parent who may (or may not) have been responsible for its birth, the seemingly unending shelf-life of estrangement will be forever owned - in the eyes of the children, anyway - by the Respondent Mom or Respondent Dad who "caused" the divorce and upset their world. Can they really be blamed for doing so? Worse still, if the estrangement has been caused through the neglect of established divorce procedures with children involved, it is an almost forgone conclusion that the estranged parent will age alone, devoid of any comfort from some or all of their children. 

Family Estrangement is a fate that Catholic Parents would not wish on friend or foe. However, when it comes to satisfying an ever-thirsty desire for personal happiness-on-earth, at least one Catholic Parent will willingly infect their own children with this deadly poison and won't even blink an eye in the process of doing so, even going so far as to parrot "It's not for me...it's for the children." 

Yeah.....right. Tell me again how it's "for the children" when:
  • your children are forced to live at odds with many Truths of their Faith;
  • your children are forced to choose one parent over another;
  • your daughters will be forced to choose between Dad or Step-Dad for their wedding march down the aisle;
  • your children will be forced to decide if they should let your grand-children visit you, when they themselves did not;
  • your children will be forced to answer "Why?" to the previous statement to their children, all without embarrassing themselves in the process.

Oh, yes...Estrangement is surely worth the price you paid for it, wouldn't you agree? Your marital happiness surely compensates for the children being forced to give up theirs, wouldn't you agree? The children must be forced to see that their earthly happiness lies only with you and yours, wouldn't you agree? No?...You don't agree? Then can you tell the world why-in-the-hell you did it anyway?

When you are the parent of children who are shackled to estrangement - despite your best efforts to cut them free - it is easy to simply give in to their wishes. And why not? You've been called pathetic and a liar by them. You have received no Father's or Mother's Day cards in years or decades. You receive barely a grunt in reply to your "Goodnight, I love you" each and every evening. Yes...it is hard - at times extremely so - to not fall into severe and lasting discouragement over your children's intransigence and/or the remembrance of your own marital mistakes that led you to this point in time.

But do not fall; do not fail! You took a vow and are living that vow right at this moment. To reject it now is to reject the spouse and the children that followed, but more importantly, you reject the Love and Truth upon which it is all based. To seek your happiness now - when your children need you most - borders on anarchy. You gave your word all those years ago...do they mean so very little, now?

I am reminded of a scene in the movie "Facing The Giants" that well paints the stark reality of the vows you are now living. In a little over 3 minutes of intense dialog, action and music, 3 characters tell you all you need to know about the path that lies ahead; the path you now find yourself painfully treading; the path that has caused you to question "Why am I doing this?"

In this film clip, you are Brock: in a position of leadership, but always stopping short of full acceptance of your role. You fear the pain that accompanies it, never having expected to at the beginning of your career. You are blindfolded, and on your back you carry Jeremy, who represents your vows, your separated or divorced spouse and your children. 

And beside you is Coach Taylor, who represents Christ, His Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, your Angel Guardian. Gently prodding at first with "Let's go, Brock", "Good effort, Brock", very soon the words sternly segue into " Keep moving!", "Keep driving!" "Give me your very best!" You grow tired and complain you can't do it - "It's hard!" "He's heavy!" "I'm about outta strength!" "It hurts!"  But Coach is there, crawling beside you, almost in your face, yelling loudly to break through the fear and the searing pain that encompasses you. As you finally collapse - "I don't have anymore!" -  and still not knowing how far you've come, you feel the blindfold being removed and the triumphant voice of Coach that says: "Look up, Brock..."

Listen carefully at the beginning and at the end of Coach Taylor''s talk to Brock: you can easily place yourself in Brock's shoes and equate all you are hearing from Coach Taylor to your defense of your Marriage, of your children, and yes, even of your former spouse. You can sense, too, the moment when the other players realize that this is no ordinary drill, this is no ordinary "let's see what you've got" call from the coach. They see in Brock a man expending every last drop of energy, strength and fortitude for the greater good, his progress always hidden from his eyes, the goal a still-dark spot somewhere ahead of the voice urging him onward. 

They see you.

When you think you've had enough of divorce and parent-child estrangement; when you think you can no longer absorb the pain, the misery, the financial jeopardy and the discouragement of walking the divorce maze; when you grow weary of the fight, the battle and the war. Remember, Dear Friends, the words that await you at the end of your final game, from the only Coach that truly matters: "...Well done, good and faithful servant, because thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will place thee over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord." 

Indeed will our hearts leap for joy when we hear those words: "Look up! You're in the end zone."

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May 31, 2015

REBLOG: #RosicaFactor - Another Wayward Priest Threatens To Sue A Blogger

From the blog Restore DC Catholicism comes another call-to-arms:

#RosicaFactor - Another Wayward Priest Threatens To Sue A Blogger

A British blogger, who writes the http://faithinourfamilies.com/ blog, is being sued by the associate priest in her parish.  Father Dan Fitzpatrick of the Durham Martyrs Church insists on referring to the Holy Spirit as female and the blogger rightly rebuked him.  See Father's twitter page and you'll see this (before it's taken down).

That's not Church teaching as handed down through the Apostles, who would have first-hand knowledge of Jesus' meeting.  A look at Ms. Rock's blog indicates the despicable conduct of Father Fitzpatrick as he is rebuked.  He threatens suit, then claims that Ms. Rock pulled down her post when she did nothing of the sort. I suppose he was simply looking to back down from his suit threat and save face in the process.

A facebook friend coined the term "Rosica Factor" to describe this action; here is her blog post, on Keeping It Catholic.  This hearkens back to the episode several months ago when Vatican official threatened to sue the blogger behind Vox Cantoris.  Wind of it got into the internet and the suit blew up on Rosica's face.  We can make this happen again.  I see a post on this matter is already up on theVox Cantoris blog.

The Church is Durham Martyrs Church.  Here is their contact page.  From the parish site, I gather that they're in the Dioces of Hexham and Newcastle, led by Bishop Seamus Cunningham.  Phone numbers are here, as well as facebook and twitter links.  Try them all.  If any from the North American continent calls, keep in mind that England's time is 5 hours ahead of the US east coast.

As we stood with Vox Cantoris, let us stand with  Faith In Our Families.  I will tweet this, using the hashtag, #RosicaFactor.

More posts from Faith In Our Families on this matter:

Fr James Martin SJ and Fr Dan Fitzpatrick Tweet that the Holy Spirit is Female. How sad.

Fr. Dan now publicly publishes letter saying he will NOT sue me because he’s poor- but continues to slander my name!

This is what we have to do as Catholics - defend our Faith - even if its against the Shepards themselves, for it is plain many out there do not know the religion they were born, baptized, confirmed or ordained into.

Sad state of affairs;sadder still the chickens have to guard their own hen-house from the wolves.

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