June 7, 2019

Quis ut Deus?

If anyone should need further proof of the pitiful state today's Roman Catholic Church, you need look no further than the headlines in the news, where even theologians now seem to be gnawing on each others' necks (no links...they are there if you care to look). 

Why all this discourse and dissection amongst equals? 

Because Vatican II happened: this particular discourse and dissection is but another ever-changing by-product of Vatican II's own ambiguity.

What theologians - and every baptized adult Catholic for that matter - should be doing is combining their writing abilities and defending the Faith against those people who would seek its destruction. Unfortunately, "those people" include Pope Francis and all his sycophants, who daily are finding ways to further dilute the One True Faith and place Souls in jeopardy. "Those people" do very little for the greater honor and glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ, but they do quite a lot to bring greater honor and glory to themselves. To wit: 

  • a Pope who changes one of the 10 Commandments to his own liking and interpretation; 
  • a Pope that makes adultery and homosexuality God-approved lifestyles; 
  • a Pope that continually ridicules the Catholic Faith and its Traditions; 
  • a Pope that places other false religions on equal ground with Catholicism (although Francis is not the first in line on this one...).

This is what Vatican II's aggiornamento has brought: the adulation of the man over that of Christ

There is no question that Francis is a bad Pope and it appears he will always be one. There is no question that Benedict resigned the Papacy because he refused to fight to the death for the Faith, as he should have. There is no question that adultery and homosexuality will - left unrepented - send you to Hell. There is no question that abortion takes a human life. There is no question that God is Masculine and not gender neutral. There is no question that outside of the Catholic Faith there is no salvation. There is no question that we all have the ability to save our Souls or to loose them to Hell. These are absolutes - no debate is necessary. So why does any Catholic, then, attempt to defend the undefendable? 

Again, it's because Vatican II is so ambiguous by its nature that it is easy to form it into our own likes and dislikes (Protestantism, anyone?), thereby making it easier to justify and defend the actions of Pope Francis and his sycophants. As Pontius Pilate said to Our Lord: "What is truth?"

Objective Truth "...means that it is true for people of all cultures, times, etc., even if they do not know it or recognize it to be true." [Objective Truth vs. Subjective Truth, Fr. Andrew Trapp, 2017]  The earth revolves around the sun; the Catholic Church is indefectible; Christ is both God and Man; Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of their rampant immorality and homosexuality. Objective Truths all.

Fr. Trapp goes on to write that:
"Christianity has always recognized that religious and moral truth belongs to the first category: it is objective and not subjective.  In other words, it is the same for all human beings living in every century, culture, and circumstances...
Christianity also recognizes that there are some acts that are intrinsically evil—meaning that “by their very nature” they are always and everywhere wrong, regardless of the circumstances. These sins are usually connected to human life and to human sexuality, such as murder, abortion, euthanasia, fornication, masturbation, contraception, adultery, etc. No matter what the circumstances or motives, such acts are always wrong and will always damage a person, just as putting your hand on a burning stove will always do damage to your hand." (my emphasis-Ed.)

So, if what Fr. Trapp writes of Objective Truth is indeed "true", then how can Pope Francis defend as good and holy any homosexual relationship? How can any religious nun defend abortion and contraception? How can Fr. James Martin continue to paint homosexuality as one of God's greater gifts to man? How can any ordinary Catholic layman or laywoman defend any of the above? How can any Catholic turn a blind eye to Objective Truth?

The truth lies within the visual acuity of our eyes and most of us cannot see the proverbial forest for all the trees. Perhaps it's because we find it easier not to, but it's also because we've allowed ourselves to be taught so, lulled into a sense of false security. 

"If the priest/Bishop/Cardinal/Pope says it's OK, then it must be, right? Even if it goes against the very words of God and/or His Son, right?" 

It is akin to the men-god architects of Vatican II miraculously producing an eighth day in front of the world-wide, wide-eyed Catholic population. To paraphrase Genesis: "And God the men-gods saw all the things that he they had made, and they were very good. And the evening and morning were the sixth eighth day."

We all now know that the "eighth day" produced was Vatican II and all its forthcoming "glory", at the time known but to God but now known by us as well. The very words of Saint Michael the Archangel prophetically describe the result and now haunt our memories: "Quis ut Deus?"

Quis ut Deus?, indeed...

Mary Immaculate, please help us poor, gullible, intractable, obstinate and lazy sinners out of this mess of our own making.

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May 1, 2019

This Pope, Immigration and Subversion

It is a truth of these modern times that the Roman Catholic Church has become less the instrument whereby Souls are led to Heaven and more the socio-political arm of its current Apparatchik, the Pope himself.

With his half-million dollar donation to assist the foreign invaders of US sovereignty, the pope has more formally become a fomenter of anarchy (as if he weren't already); an out-of-the-closet Alinsky disciple; an advocate of open rebellion against another nation's laws. In times past, Catholic Kings and Queens would, if they were faced with such interference:

  • raise an army and surround the walls of the Vatican State; 
  • demand an immediate cessation of his non-Spiritual activities; 
  • tell him to refrain from interfering in another nation's laws, and, 
  • be told to leave temporal affairs to the respective countries, or be involuntarily compelled into doing so by force of arms.

Sort of like what Philip the Fair did to Pope Boniface VIII (my emphasis and comments):

"Pope Boniface VIII put hungrily some of the strongest claims to temporal as well as spiritual supremacy of any Pope and intervened incessantly in foreign affairs. He proclaimed that it "is necessary for salvation that every living creature be under submission to the Roman pontiff" (something "This Pope" most likely, albeit secretly, desires) pushing Papal Supremacy to its historical extreme. Boniface's quarrel with Philip the Fair became so resentful that he excommunicated him in 1303. However, before the Pope could lay France under an interdict, Boniface was seized by Philip. Although he was released from captivity after four days, he died of shock 6 months later. No subsequent popes were to repeat Boniface VIII's claims (until This Pope, anyway)" [from Wikipedia]

But, alas...gone are the Catholic Kings and Queens of old.

Instead, This Pope is hailed as a true "all one-world-big-happy-family-hero" for his compassion and largesse - and probably even by his own dirty, smelly sheep. There are, I am sure, some of these dirty, smelly sheep who will disprove of the Apparatchik using their hard-earned donations for This Pope's personal and political gain, but, in the end, they are powerless to stop it. 

Well...not really.

They can reduce or end their donations to "Peter's Pence". And I would urge the dirty, smelly sheep in the USA to do just that: forget about the Peter's Pence collection for the remainder of the Apparatchik's term, the main reason being that the USA is the foremost contributor to the Peter's Pence collection. The USA Catholics are being fleeced to finance 28% of this fund. Why, then, should the Catholic citizens of the USA pay to the head of a foreign nation monies that will be used to eventually foment open rebellion to the immigration laws of the USA?


The USCCB informs us that "... the Peter's Pence Collection supports the Pope's philanthropy by giving the Holy Father the means to provide emergency assistance to those in need because of natural disaster, war, oppression, and disease..". 

Does this description refer to the citizens of foreign countries being given aid in loco and within their own countries, or, to these same citizens illegally caravanning through a half dozen other nations on the way to storming illegally the United States Southern border??

You be the judge and act accordingly as your conscience dictates.

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April 27, 2019

THE (smiling) FACE OF NO SHAME...

The Defender of  Catholicism or the Defender of Islam?

Via Canon 212, here is the link to the above article.

Not much more can be or needs be said about the incompetence and unsuitability of this individual for the office he holds. Unfortunately, Our Lord has "gifted" us with this individual for a period of time known but to Him.

Christ is merciful to us by allowing we Catholics to suffer endless amounts of humiliation at the hands of this man, regardless of him being the reigning Pope. Let us pray for this Pope and for the humility and resignation to accept this particular Cross, but at the same time, we must utilize the courage granted to us at our Confirmations to fight against this Pope's modernist, un-Catholic and unbecoming-of-his-office behavior. 

 "Grant me the grace, O Jesus! to consider myself a pilgrim as long as I live...Give me patience in adversities, and so strengthen me, that I may willingly obey the lawful authority, though its laws and regulations should come hard and its tribute press upon me." (Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine'sThe Church's Year: INSTRUCTION ON THE THIRD SUNDAY AFTER EASTER)

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April 21, 2019

Sharing a Facebook Post of Mine...

Some abortion facts (updated for this post):

In the USA, a total of 638,169 abortions were reported to the CDC in 2015. The Guttmacher Institute reported approximately 906,000 for the same period. The CDC reports the abortion rate for 2015 was 11.8 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years (the sources for the above info is readily available via a Google search.) The Guttmacher Institute reports that the global annual rate of abortion for all women of reproductive age (15–44) is estimated to be 35 per 1,000 (again, this info is readily available via Google). "During 2010–2014, an estimated 56 million induced abortions occurred each year worldwide. This number represents an increase from 50 million annually during 1990–1994, mainly because of population growth." (From the above Guttmacher report).

So, please do not ask me to "like and share" any photo that portrays starving children being stalked by predator lions, baby seals being eaten by polar bears, large chunks of ice falling from an iceberg from global warming, or even a photo of a cute bunny rabbit.

They are nothing - nada - compared to the millions of human Souls - and God's children - being slaughtered on a daily basis with no more thought than the swatting and killing of a mosquito on your arm.

Abortion kills a living person. Period.

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A Holy and Blessed Easter to All!


Christ has risen. He once again opens the gate of Heaven to all, though all will not be saved. Free Will, or rather the misuse of Free Will, will forever bar some from entering. We all must choose to cooperate with his Grace for our salvation to happen, but not all will choose to do so. 

So also must the modern Catholic Church choose to change, or rather, to simply return to what always was. 

Vatican II has failed and will always fail. 

Aggiornamento has failed and will always fail. 

The New Mass has failed and will always fail.

Decades of "new springtimes" have come and gone and the Catholic Church still suffers from the wounds received at the hands of the modernists. The architects of Vatican II are gone. They have faced their Judge and gone to their ETERNAL reward - Heaven or Hell. Many other anarchists have followed in the ensuing decades, bringing their modernist marks upon the Church. Vatican II continues its seemingly unrelenting march to deconstruct Catholicism, those now in charge oblivious to the futility because many of them lost their Faith a long, long time ago. Trying to bring the Catholic Church into the modern worlds light, they should instead be bringing the world into the Light of Truth of the Catholic Faith. 

Opposite poles attract; like poles repel. It is basic science; it is objective truth. Elementary school students understand the principle...ordained, learned men apparently do not. 

The Catholic Church yet remains in her "three days of (seemingly perpetual) darkness", but we know by our Faith and Christ's own words She will gloriously arise on some future "Easter Sunday" not known to us. The light of Truth will again be shown to the world, and hopefully, this time, the world will embrace it. 


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April 13, 2019

The Face of Humiliation and Capitulation

          May Our Lord Jesus Christ soon have mercy upon us...

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April 12, 2019

America Needs Fatima, Catholic Sheep and Illuminidol.com

ILLUMINIDOL logo from their website

I link to a petition (HERE) via America Needs Fatima, requesting Illuminidol.com stop the selling of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary devotional candles that have the faces of Jesus and Mary replaced with the likes of: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Alec Baldwin, Beyonce, assorted cartoon characters, singers, politicos and even a former demigod himself - Bill Clinton. 

Another case of the ridiculing of the Catholic Faith (something that the Church of Vatican II itself does daily, but that is another post entirely) for profit. What this company offers is both disgraceful and disgustingDiversity and equality is not this company's cup of tea obviously...targeting the Roman Catholic Faith exclusively apparently is. 

"Saint" Ellen Degeneres is one of Illuminidol's offerings

I've added below the email that I sent to Illuminidol on April 9th via their contact page, but to date have received no reply. Probably won't, I'd guess. 

I'd urge one and all to click over to ANF and add your name to the petition. Then go to Illuminidol.com's web site and do the same. Let them know that the Catholic Sheep are watching, even if the Catholic Shepard's are not.

Gratias, mi amigo's...

Hi ,

Since you seem to believe it is "open season" on a Roman Catholic devotional practice in general -  and an attack upon the Roman Catholic Faith, the Son of God and His Blessed Mother in particular - can I expect to soon see devotional candles with depictions of other religious deities such as Mohammad, Buddha, Yahweh, Shiva, etc?

After all, if you are going to be irreverent and/or blasphemous to 1.2 billion Catholics, you should be more inclusive and not focus your attention on this one particular religious group. How about including candles for  the 1.2 billion who practice Islam? The 900 million who practice Hinduism and the 376 million Buddhists?  Think "Increased Sales" and you will soon see the validity of my query...

In truth, what you should do is remove all depictions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and any associated likeness of either. It is unfair, uncharitable and, to some, blasphemous to paste parody photos upon the images of Jesus and Mary - whatever their form. It also shows a vast intolerance towards and a gross misinterpretation of a uniquely Catholic devotional and religious practice in order to make a few dollars of profit. 

I would appreciate knowing what depth of market study you did that assured you that such ridicule of the largest Christian denomination would, in fact, be a sure fired sales bonanza for your company.


David Heath

Wichita, KS 

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March 23, 2019

Regarding Francis

Regarding Henry is a 1991 movie starring Harrison Ford as an "Ambitious, callous, narcissistic, and at times unethical, Henry Turner..." and, like Henry Turner's more current alter ego Pope Francis, he is liked only by sycophants like himself. Unlike his Hollywood praeter alter ego, however, Francis has yet to have a life-altering, mind-changing, Conscience cleansing episode that will eventually restore his integrity, honesty, likeability and - most importantly - his Catholicity.

My own beliefs in Francis and his legacy are much like others believe (and some do not believe). To wit:

1. He is Pope until those in Rome who have the competence to convene an imperfect Council say otherwise. Until then, I'll keep praying for the miserable wretch.

2. He is undeniably a heretic. When one can change a Commandment of God, call it good, tell everyone in the Church that it is good and holy and still smile at doing so, then one can only be identified as heretical. One does not mock God.

3. He is most definitely a CINO - a catholic in name only. He was baptized into the Church one must assume, but beyond that, his actions over the past few years have shown he does not believe in Catholicism.

4. He is most definitely a modernist, globalist, socialist and UN mouthpiece.

5. He believes in contraception.

6. He believes in adultery and that it can produce a good and holy marriage - even though he forgets about - nay, negates - the continued pain and suffering of former spouses and their children. He enables the breakup of Catholic families, much like the Church he leads has done since 1983.

7. He belives in homsexuality among the clerics, else he would not continually enable and surround himself with them, rather than defrocking and laicizing them. He makes the sin of sodomy a badge of honor rather than of shame.

8. Left to his own devices and unrepentant at death, he will find a place in Hell that will not be to his liking - and most probably pretty damn close to Judas, if I may posit an opinion. One doesn't know the magnificence and munificence of Christ's mercy upon sinners at their death, however, so praying for his Soul must still be done.

There is so much more to write, but I suppose this is enough to get my point across, which is:

Francis has shown by example that he is unfit for the office he serves and should be deposed immediately and it doesn't take a Master of Theology, priest, Bishop or Cardinal to tell me so.

Frankly, I do not know why there is so much disagreement and dissension amongst the laity, Doctors of Theology, etc. about this. It is as starkly plain as the words of the 6th Commandment. No Catholic should need any one to tell them - they have but to look, listen and remember their Catechism (at least a Catechism published before the 1970's). But, it keeps some people in the forefront of the news, I suppose, perusing and parsing what comes from Rome to present the "good" spin to the world.

For me, I shall continue to "resist to the face" as best I can, whenever and wherever it requires me to do so.

To whom would you rather place the care of your Immortal Soul: Pope Francis and his ever-changing version of Vatican II Catholicism, or, Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholicism that He instituted?

Would you rather follow an ecumenistic catholicism that says everyone can get to Heaven by following their own false religion, or, the Catholicism that asks of you to follow the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to imitate His life, sufferings and yes, His joys in order to gain Heaven? 

In truth, only the Cardinals can do something about Francis - at least here on Earth, anyway - but does that mean we laity and other religious should follow blindly someone who cares naught for our Souls? 

This Catholic will continue to follow Pope Francis only when he speaks and promotes the Faith of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, something which can still be done even with the black curtain of Vatican II depriving Her of brightness. But when Francis the Heretic obviously turns a blind eye and raises his middle finger to that same Church, we most definitely part company and I retreat into the Catholicism of my ancestors. 

Francis will, like all of men eventually must do, have to answer the question put to him by Our Lord: 

"For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what exchange shall a man give for his soul?" [Matthew 16:26]

What, indeed...

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