October 30, 2018

Of Caravans, Invasions and National Sovereignty

Just a few comments below on the mob-rule caravan of foreign immigrants that are attempting to usurp and trample under foot the immigration laws of the USA (with the willing complicity of SJW's). Which laws were enacted to protect this country's borders, infrastructure and culture, but more importantly, her own citizens, of any ethnicity, Hispanic or otherwise. 

In somewhat descending order:

1. This is an attempt of a forcible invasion of the United States of America. Any sane and common sense individual can see and understand this particular factoid.

2. #1 above is the legal and just cause of President Donald Trump's use of the US Military (Active and/or National Guard) to assist in repelling this invasion. The invaders demand to be allowed to enter the US illegally; what the presence of US Military personal is telling them is: No...you are not.

3. It is not the fault nor the problem of the USA that The Mob cannot find jobs, food, housing, medical care, etc in their own countries. It is the fault of The Mob's respective countries' leadership that their own cannot provide for their citizens. The Mob has no inherent right to demand anything of the USA; they do, however, possess the inherent right to demand everything of their own countries, that they may lead productive lives. Mexico has presented an invitation for jobs, medical care, housing, etc to The Mob, but they have refused this offer from a country willing to give them what they ask - what does that tell us of the Mob's true intentions?

4. It is the moral duty of the USA to share her largesse with those less fortunate in other countries. It is not the moral duty of the USA to provide in toto for other countries citizens; that remains the legal and moral duty of those countries. 

5. Should the mob succeed in their invasion, local, State and Federal social service agencies will be overwhelmed. No agencies staff will be prepared for an influx of thousands of applicants. Workers will be forced to work long hours, forcing the local/state/federal agencies to spend  more tax dollars in their support; it will force your taxes to be raised to support the social service infrastructure of these invaders.

It is well to remember that the taxes of those in Hollywood and of Liberals will not be exempt from added taxes that will be needed to support the former's cause célèbre. They should, in fact, be unquestioningly onboard with raising their own taxes. If they don't, then they are simply hypocrites. 

6. The mission statement of the mob organizers is the disruption of the midterm elections and to test the Trump Presidency by forcing his hand on the rules of the US Immigration laws. If Trump doesn't stop them, the Republicans are toast and the Democrats will rule. The Republicans' base will abandon him enmasse;the SJW's and Hollywood will have won. 

Conversely, should Trump use the US Military to halt the caravan at the border, it will secure the midterms for the Republicans. But it will, thereafter, be a public relations nightmare for the next two years as it cements the political battle cries for all Democrat and "Bernie" candidates: 

¡Viva la invasión! 

¡Salva a los pobres ya las familias pobres de América Central y del Sur!

¡Ayúdanos a alimentar a los niños sin hogar y sus madres!'

¡Abramos nuestros corazones y billeteras a estos pueblos marginados!

7. Mob immigration infiltration of a country's borders without obeying its immigration laws is illegal. Therefore, all who attempt to do so are potential criminals. If they succeed, they are criminals and should have every expectation of being detained and deported. There is no shame in a country protecting its own borders - and its citizens - in this manner.

8. If SJW's and others that believe in open immigration are true patriots to their cause, then they should live their beliefs and allow open immigration to all who come onto their properties and to their door. They should put no limits on how many come or how much they may eat. They should support them by paying them a weekly or monthly stipend and give them free use of their phone. They must pay for their medical care. The Conservative battle-cry should be to all SJW's: "Tear down the wall that surrounds your properties so that immigrants can infiltrate your "country" at their leisure and freely partake of your bounty!!!"

Such are my thoughts on the matter; I will leave it to others more knowledgeable than I to determine their veracity.

Only God knows how all this will sort out.

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October 23, 2018

The Hiding Place Church

Hide Here...and fear not your sins.

Yes...there is a church in Wichita where you can go and hide from your sins. And I suppose the prying eyes of Our Lord. And yourself, too, I'm guessing. Times were in past decades, we all used to try and hide our sins didn't we? At least from the prying eyes of our neighbors, if not ourselves. But we knew instinctively that we could not hide them from Our Lord Jesus Christ, and so when the Conscience became unbearable, we sought the refuge of the Confessional. 

But...however...wait a minute.

What was formerly bad; is now good! 

Nowadays hiding one's sins are s-o-o-o démodé. It is now de rigueur to "let it all hang out", if I may borrow from my 60's childhood. There are very few sins that one needs to go to Confession for. Oh, they may still be "on the books (or Tablet)" as it were, but they really aren't sins any longer. Sodomy. Homosexuality. Adultery. Fornication. Being a God-man. Even priests, bishops and cardinals don't hide their sins any longer, as many prefer to let their blackened Souls be on public display - and arrogantly so, if I may add. 

Seemingly, however, the only priests, bishops and cardinals in hiding are those who stand up and defend the Traditional Roman Catholic Faith, a la Bp. Carlo Vigano or Fr. Paul Kalchik (both of whom have gone to ground, apparently). God bless them and keep them strong, for they are having to live their Faith and vocations in secret, lest they run afoul of the modernist bishops and cardinals and get shipped off to Barrow, Alaska as curates. Can't cause too much trouble up there, can they? Out of sight...out of mind.

It is a sad state in which we find ourselves when even the priests of the Roman Catholic Church openly parade their sins in front of their congregations. Congregations who in all likelihood hide the truth from themselves because Father Timmy-John is very well liked, gets along with everyone, and loves to watch NFL football. In other words, he is just one of the guys...no matter that he is an active homosexual and is a walking, talking advertisement for mortal sin. 
Some lemmings sheep might say: 

Who in the hell are we to judge? What he does in his private life is OK, right? Who are we to judge, anyway? If he, by his personal example, promotes homosexuality, it must be fine and dandy, right? The Church's teaching must have changed, right? God got it wrong, right? Lemmings were all Catholic before they went extinct walking off that there cliff, doncha know? So it's all good!

Good grief...

At Mass this past Sunday, Father spoke of the upcoming Feast of Christ the King. To paraphrase as best I can (as I don't take notes nor record Sunday homilies) he mentioned that in the modern church this Feast now has essentially "turned off" the light of  Christ by "hiding" the Feast at the end of the church's liturgical year, as if to put forth the idea that, yes, Christ is King of the World, but his reign will only be at the end times. Him reigning before is just not possible as man is simply incapable in the present times of acknowledging Him as our earthly King. It's just too hard. So Christ has, for all practical purposes, been "...put under a bushel" rather than "upon a candlestick, that it may shine to all that are in the house."

I do not disagree with Father's premise. We apparently don't need to hide our sins nowadays...we only need to hide Our Lord Jesus Christ, Sovereign King. When the Catholic Church decided to hide Him under the bushel, along with His Feast Days, Processions, Holy Days of Obligations, Sacred Music, et al, the Church brought out of the darkness and enabled many of the evils which afflict her today. Granted, these evils were always there (and always will be until His second coming), but weren't they held in check by the Sacred Tridentine Liturgy, the St. Michael the Archangel prayer after Mass, and the weakly preaching of Chastity, Virtue and the Baltimore Catechism from the pulpit? 

I don't think it naivete to believe so...but then again I am getting old.

Who is to know where it will all end? Who's to know if the lightening bolt that next strikes Saint Peters causes more than just superficial damage, as if in warning to those in charge?  Will they heed the warning? Did the believers and non-believers all heed the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima two centuries ago? 

Canonizing the Pope who pretty much owns Vatican II and all of its progeny signals, to me anyway, that the wolves are effectively in charge of Christ's Church on earth, only giving the lemmings sheep in the pews a bit of conservative and traditional porridge every now and then to keep them in line - and under thumb. No one wants to be excommunicated eaten by the wolves by being banned from their modernist church, do they?  So they toe the line and don't make waves. It's all good anyway if the Pope/Cardinal/Bishop/Priest says it is, isn't it? No it is not, my dear sweet little lemmings. Not if it contradicts what your Creator stated most clearly way back in the days of Moses. And that the Roman Catholic Church held as Objective Truth, at least until Vatican II darkened our Conscience.

Come back from the darkness, my little lemmings. See and understand what your little men-gods in Rome are doing. They and their actions are not from God, for "By their fruits you shall know them", for they all contradict the very laws made by God Himself and spoken by His Son on earth. 

We all must account for our actions and inactions at our Particular Judgement...does anyone truly want to stand kneel before Christ the King and attempt to defend themselves by saying "the Bishops and Pope said it was OK, Lord! Who was I to judge otherwise?"

If you do, then all you may hear in reply is: "... Bind his hands and feet, and cast him into the exterior darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

Not one of us will be able to hide from the truth that was our life.

Not one of us will be able to hide from the Truth that is Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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October 13, 2018

Of Apostasy, Simpletons and Catholic Lemmings

Rome, by all appearances, has seemingly lost Her Faith, as if there was ever any doubt by any Catholic with even a modicum of Catholicism left in their bones: 

  • the ordination of known homosexual men to the priesthood;  
  • the ordination of known homosexual priests to Bishop;
  • the denial of Christ as King by a Bishop;
  • the denial of the Virginity of Mary by Pope Francis;
  • the denial of the 6th Commandment by Pope Francis;
  • the decades-long and extensive cover up of homosexality and pedophilia in the seminaries;
  • the suppression and ejection of orthodox men from the seminaries;
  • the advancement of known homosexuals through the priestly ranks;
  • priests and Cardinals having sex/drug parties in Rome;
  • openly gay or pro-gay priests in positions of authority within the Vatican;
  • orthodox priests ejected from their parishes for defending the Roman Catholic Faith;
  • mockery of the Ten Commandments, especially the 1st, 6th and 9th.

You don't need me to provide links to any of the bullets above...a simple Google search will come up with enough hits. Or peruse the headlines on Canon 212 and Pewsitter. Read The RemnantMundabor, and Ann Barnhardt. Patronize the blog of Vox Cantoris. And we have, also, Our Lady of La Salette in Her own words:

"Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist. Yet the Heathen Rome will disappear. See, here is the Beast with its subjects that claims to be the Savior of the world. Proudly it rises in the air to go straight to Heaven, but it will be strangled by the Archangel Michael and cast down..."

The facts are out there if anyone cares to look.

I find it fascinating that on a daily basis Roman Catholicism has another part of Her Heart excised, without anesthesia, by the "Doktor" Bishops and Cardinals of the Universal Church, all of whom are simpleton Sycophants of the current Pope. There is no other way to describe them and/or the situation. They willingly sell their Souls in the open market, in front of the imposing edifice of Holy Mother Church, in front of The Blessed Trinity, The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Angelic Choirs of Angels. And they could give a shit about what any of the former think of their actions. They have no fear of Hell, apparently. 

Almost every word spewing forth from their lips is in direct opposition to the Words of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible:
  • the Bible condemns homosexuality and immorality; the modern Church embraces it;
  • Our Lord condemns adultery; the modern Church embraces and raises it to an almost-sacrament;
  • Our Lord condemns harm to children; the modern Church doesn't give a shit about the children, as evidenced by the active homosexual cabals within the Church preying on the Souls of the innocent;
  • Our Lord has said that nothing unclean will enter Heaven; the modern Church says even practicing sodomites and lesbians can be admitted.

I must ask: Whom does modernist Rome think they are kidding? 

Regardless of the lemming-style acquiescence by most of the laity to whatever comes from Rome ("it must be OK if the Pope or Cardinal or Bishop or Priest says it is"), it remains a fact that every Roman Catholic must accept the Bible in its entirety as the inspired Word of God, "letters from Heaven to earth..." as the Baltimore Catechism #3 states. God does not lie and speaks in clear language for all to understand. And yet, the Bible is continually being updated by Modernist Rome to reflect today's societal norms. However, the Bible is not a "living" document, in that it continually needs updating. When God said "Thou shalt not commit adultery" He meant just that. Period. When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their rampant and unrepentant immorality, he spoke damn clear that homosexuality will send you to Hell. 

Here then is just a couple of many points to ponder...

  • Why do Catholics follow blindly the Hierarchy when they so brazenly usurp and reinterpret the Catholic Faith, sometimes daily? 
  • Why do they believe that a tiny human man - who believes himself to know more than God - can change the meaning of the 6th Commandment?

Lest any reader think otherwise, I am not promoting sedevacantism. Despite my reservations of the man, Pope Francis is the reigning Pope of the Church Militant on earth and has my prayers, always. But - and this is a very, very BIG "But" - he does not always get my allegiance when he deviates from what the Bible and/or the Catholic Church has always taught, unless such teaching is done ex cathedra (see Baltimore Catechism #3 above, Q.#534). And I don't believe anything he has changed has been done "ex cathedra", but I am open to correction if he has.

To sum up this perhaps rambling post, I will leave you with some Baltimore Catechism lessons for consideration:

Q. 528. How do you know that the Church can not err?

A. I know that the Church can not err because Christ promised that the Holy Ghost would remain with it forever and save it from error. If, therefore, the Church has erred, the Holy Ghost must have abandoned it and Christ has failed to keep His promise, which is a thing impossible.

Q. 529. Since the Church can not err, could it ever be reformed in its teaching of faith or morals?

A. Since the Church can not err, it could never be reformed in its teaching of faith or morals. Those who say the Church needed reformation in faith or morals accuse Our Lord of falsehood and deception.

Q. 530. When does the Church teach infallibly?

A. The Church teaches infallibly when it speaks through the Pope and Bishops united in general council, or through the Pope alone when he proclaims to all the faithful a doctrine of faith or morals.

Q. 531. What is necessary that the Pope may speak infallibly or ex-cathedra?

A. That the Pope may speak infallibly, or ex-cathedra:
   1. He must speak on a subject of faith or morals;
   2. He must speak as the Vicar of Christ and to the whole Church;
   3. He must indicate by certain words, such as, we define, we proclaim, etc., that he intends to speak infallibly.

Q. 532. Is the Pope infallible in everything he says and does?

A. The Pope is not infallible in everything he says and does, because the Holy Ghost was not promised to make him infallible in everything, but only in matters of faith and morals for the whole Church. Nevertheless, the Pope's opinion on any subject deserves our greatest respect on account of his learning, experience and dignity.

Q. 533. Can the Pope commit sin?

A. The Pope can commit sin and he must seek forgiveness in the Sacrament of Penance as others do. Infallibility does not prevent him from sinning, but from teaching falsehood when he speaks ex-cathedra.

We are all Roman Catholics; we are not Catholic lemmings. We do not and should not follow blindly those that are leading us to a precipice that will destroy our Immortal Soul. We are all capable of discerning Truth, and it is time we all yell in unison to Rome and the hierarchy: 

"ENOUGH!! Return to the Roman Catholic Faith, or return to being a Pauper!" 

Please, Dear God, may the next Pope be one who understands what "Roman Catholic" truly means. 

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October 3, 2018

A Poster Child for All Full-On Liberal and Immature Adult-Child Jerks

I would imagine his face has the same "I'm screwed" look as he attempts to tie his shoes in the morning. 

I hesitate to call this "thing" a male, for it is an affront to my own sensibilities and gender, however, and in respectful deference to his Creator, the reality is inescapable. Yet, he remains an ignominious jerk on full public display.

Really, Mr. Man-Child? Assaulting a young woman for simply speaking of her beliefs? Couldn't you have just walked around her or crossed the street in order to escape her affecting your obviously pricked conscience?

It takes no courage, no fortitude, no strength to allow one's emotions to fully control one's actions. All it takes is a pre-teens toddlers awareness that "acting out" what one feels will get them what they want: 


OK, my good man-child...I will do my part on getting you the attention that you so obviously crave. 

From Life Site News:

Marie-Claire Bissonnette's attacker winding up for his round-kick in Toronto, Sept. 30, 2018.


I’m a pro-life woman. This man just roundhouse-kicked me in public for my beliefs

October 2, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Life Chain is an annual event which consists of thousands of pro-life women, men and children standing on over 200 street corners across Canada holding signs that read, “Abortion Hurts Women”, “Abortion Kills Children,” “Adoption, the Loving Option”, "Life, We Stand On Guard For Thee", and “Pregnant and need help? Call (local pregnancy help centre phone number)”. This is an explicitly peaceful and silent protest. Participants are not allowed to begin conversations with passersby, nor are they allowed to display any aggressive behaviour at any point. No abortion victim photography is permitted.
My task for this year's Life Chain, which took place on Sunday, 30 September, was to manage the corner of Bloor and Keele, to hand out signs, and to take a headcount. Seventy-six sign-holders were present on that corner from 2:00-3:00 pm. One pro-abortion woman, probably in her late twenties, stood amongst us holding a sign that read, “My body, my choice, my right”. She was the only counter-protester present throughout, and she peacefully shared the corner with the rest of us. 
At around 2:30, I was assaulted.
Marie-Claire Bissonnette


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September 24, 2018

Today's Visible Face of the One True Church...

                     "Bruised, derided, cursed, defiled, She beheld her tender Child,
                      All with bloody scourges rent.
                      ...Wounded with His every wound, Steep my soul till it hath                                swooned, In His very blood away." (THE STABAT MATER)

         May Our Scourged and Crucified Lord                     have mercy on us...

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September 16, 2018


Mirriam-Webster defines the word "trust" in various ways
, dependant upon its particular use. As far as the men of the Catholic Church are concerned, it zeroes down to:
  • an "...assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something" 
  • "one in which confidence is placed"
  • "a charge or duty imposed in faith or confidence or as a condition of some relationship" 
  • "something committed or entrusted to one to be used or cared for in the interest of another"
  • "responsible charge or office"
And then there is trustworthiness, which is someone:
  • "worthy of confidence" 
  • "dependable"
  • "a trustworthy guide" 

It is sadly unfortunate that the above definitions sour in the mouths, minds and hearts of many Catholic Faithful. Trust and trustworthiness has been misused, abused, violated and ignored, not by the Catholic Church Herself, but by the man and men who are its leaders on earth: Pope Francis, and the Cardinals and Bishops into whose hands an inviolable trust had been placed. 

The picture at the top of this post doesn't do justice to the countless innocent Souls lost through the immoral homosexual network of Cardinals, Bishops and priests who openly practiced their trade upon the innocent with apparent impunity and superiority. But it comes as close to a graphic portrayal of the moment Innocence is lost through the betrayal of trust as I could find. No apology if it offends...it is meant to. 

There can be no defence for those into whose hands the inviolable trust of a Soul has been bestowed and then arrogantly betrayed, and betrayed with such malice aforethought. The constant deck-shuffle by bishops of these Soul-killers to some obscure post is unforgivable. Although our Catholic Faith reminds us that no sin - no matter how black it may be - is unforgivable if followed by Confession, true contrition, repentance and amendment, it yet requires some effort on my part not to condemn these bastards to the infinite reaches of Hell. And their enablers as well.

And so we come yet again to another useless gathering of useless men, blathering useless comforting words of accompaniment and mea-culpas to we Catholics - and the world at large - that things are really, really gonna change this time...come next February.

"No, No...we really mean it this time. No...don't laugh (unlike us) over such a serious matter, please! No! stop it now! Wait! the press conference isn't over yet! Come back, Shane! Come back!" 

By the way, isn't this crisis of a scale large enough to demand a meeting quicker than February 2019?? 

Dear Pope Francis, Cardinal DiNardo, Cardinal O'Malley, et al...please get this: No one trusts you any longer.!! We don't trust you any longer. I don't trust you any longer. 

Your words are meaningless because you have failed so often in the past to correct a situation that has been ongoing for more decades than I have been alive. Your words are meaningless because everyone - EVERYONE! - knows that the only thing to come from this gathering will be lip service, mea culpas, platitudes and pious looks of disapproval. But no concrete reforms - like the sacking of priests, bishops and cardinals will ever be done because the house of cards constructed over the past half-century or more would fall in nanoseconds. And you won't forfeit a prized gilded throne just for the sake of a few immortal Souls, will you? Thought not.

But most importantly, we all know that there will be no February 2019 press release that the four SSPX Bishops have been asked by Pope Francis to perform Apostolic Visitations at all major seminaries and that they are to recommend sweeping changes that will return those seminaries to their original intent of forming priests "according to the order of Melchisedech"

Sodom and Gomorrah were felled by the hand of God for their immorality and homosexuality. Do you not think that He might also cause to fall your immoral house of cards, only instead of Heavenly fire and brimstone, it will be the secular arm of justice that He will wield? Are you all that naive? I mean...you all do understand that you are playing with and destroying Immortal Souls that belong to God Himself, don't you? On that alone, I would hope that sweeping and concrete changes might be forthcoming, but I am not holding my breath.

I suppose that we will have to wait and see how the events of your little Spring meeting unfold, but I suspect that none of the events will unfold as you would like them to.

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September 4, 2018


"...and he will thoroughly cleanse his floor and gather his wheat into the barn; but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire."

None of us should think that the above quotation from the Gospel of St. Matthew is not now in its beginning stages. After so many decades of (criminal) coverups and chessboarding known pedophile/homosexual priests around various dioceses and safe houses, THE CLEAN UP HAS BEGUN. (Ed. Note: Although I began writing the draft of this post a couple of weeks ago, my thanks to Canon 212 for posting a corroborating sermon of the above by Fr. Robert Altier).

The wheels of justice and their blindfolds have turned and lifted slowly, but they will now progress with unrelenting crescendo to their various obvious conclusions. And inevitably, there will be more revelations forthcoming; more posturing by those in charge to escape their possible criminal culpability (as we have seen in various official diocesan [non] responses); more neutering of the serious criminal and civil facts by the defenders of the status quo; more die hard defenders of the current Pope - whose hands have already been dirtied with complicity and should just shut-up, take responsibility, admit that he is incapable of governing Christ's Church and resign himself into Argentinian obscurity (preferably somewhere where the sheep are the dirtiest). 

Which leads to this, even with the corresponding Ratzinger Emeritus equation in play should a PF resignation occur:

Where once it was a given that following the Ratzinger and Bergoglio Papacies a continuing Modernist Pope of like breed would be elected, in my opinion that certainty is not now quite so...certain. Our Lord Jesus Christ - and perhaps through His Immaculate Mother (as noted above by Fr. Altier) - is allowing the secular authorities to perform the cleansing that His Apostolic Ministers themselves have been unable unwilling to do. 

The clean up is upon us and I for one am glad to see it. 

Perhaps all the current (and hopefully with more forthcoming from various US states) grand jury revelations will open the eyes of many more Catholics and allow them to see the horrible truth. And perhaps not. Perhaps all the above revelations will open the eyes of many more to just how far the Church has fallen since - and in many ways, because of - Vatican II and its neutering of the Roman Catholic Faith. And perhaps not. 

Regardless, "hope and change" is coming, and it is coming with the force of secular law. When my children were young, I often told them that a person can either change for the better voluntarily, wherein they retain control of a particular situation, or that a person can be forced into a change involuntarily, wherein others take control of a particular situation and that person is then forced into a change for the better under conditions that may not be favorable to him. Such is what is happening in the Church today, at least in the US. 

Civil punishments will come and heads will eventually roll; only the severity of the punishments and the number of rolling heads are yet to be known. 

I for one am hoping that gilded thrones that have been used to usurp the teachings and doctrines of Holy Mother Church will be upended, and that those more worthy will be appointed.  

Perhaps a Athanasius Cardinal Schneider or a Bernard Cardinal Fellay is not so far off...

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August 19, 2018

[** LINK FIXED **] The Bishops and Priests Who Fell from Grace into the Sea


Ed. Note: The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea is a Lord-of-the-Flies-sort of novel, written by Yukio Mishima, that combines the former storyline with that of a son spying on his Mother through a peephole, as her romantic relationship with a sailor progresses. It is a book not to my liking (I've never read the novel) nor have I seen the Hollywood movie that sprung from it. The book is only used here as a vehicle from which this post derives its title, with a little artistic license to make it apropos to that which follows.

I've written often of the gilded thrones some most all (YOU be the judge) Catholic bishops presently enjoy, and of what might happen to them were they ever to start upholding the bi-millennial Catholic Faith as handed down by Our Lord Jesus Christ to His Apostles and all their successors (up until Vatican II arrived and we all became more enlightened.) With the release of the PA Grand Jury report, it is sickening read of what those sodomite/pedophile priests had done to the Souls of the innocent. The culpability of their Bishops in their actions is undeniable, for nothing happens in a diocese without the Bishops approval, just like the Captain of ship. Before my mind gets too numbed from reading any more of the disgusting news and making my thought processes an emotional blather, I offer below my commentary on the matter.

Firstly, every priest that has had factual and/or credible evidence of pedophilia (or any variation thereof) should be immediately defrocked, laicized and/or jailed - assuming they have not already passed to their Eternal reward. They have no place among children or performing any type of priestly ministry (I don't care how good and popular "Fr. Mikey-Mike" is). They have been compromised - spiritually, emotionally and psychologically - and forfeit any compassion from me, save prayers for their re-conversion. What they need is long term medical treatment while under some type of incarceration, away from others and far, far away from children, male or female. These individuals (who are certainly not priests according to the order of Melchisedech, though the mark remains upon their Soul) have done more harm to the Catholic Church and most importantly to innocent Souls, as any heresy of the past and they warrant no freedom, ecclesiastical or otherwise, to operate because of that.


"Accessory After the Fact: An accessory after the fact is a person who assists another in escaping or evading arrest after the commission of a crime has taken place. While not part of the original crime, the accessory after the fact may also face criminal charges if they help the other defendants get away." [What Is An Accessory After The Fact, Jose Rivera]


Secondly, a bishop who has had factual knowledge of the actions of sodomite/pedophile priests and yet chose to chess-board them around their diocese rather than do what should have been done in the first place (see above), have become willing participants of and and fully complicit to an illegal action and should immediately resign and/or be forcibly removed from their Diocese. Any Bishop found lacking in due diligence that (although this to me would be incredible to believe) had prevented him from knowing of sodomitical priests under his command, should be removed from office as he has no business being in command of a diocese. Depending on the circumstances, he either needs to be put in jail, or, sent off to isolation as a military chaplain to a front-line combat unit, where his gilded throne will be a sandbag emplacement and his luxury sedan an HMMWVor better still, an APC. He has no business shepherding anything other than combat soldiers where, hopefully, he might regain even a small part of his priestly vocation to actually save Souls (rather than be complicit in losing them) at the same time he is trying to save his own arse.

Thirdly, any Cardinal found with his dots connected to either case above and/or has credible evidence of actual participation in pedophilia himself and/or who has ignored the credible evidence against priests under his command, should immediately resign, lose his Red Hat, be laicized and, if need be, jailed. They have forfeited their exalted position and their priestly vocation. They have forfeited their trust - spiritually and temporally. They have forfeited their throne; their car; their career. But mostly they will have forfeited - like one and two above - their Eternal Soul, if any of them die without Confession and repentance for the Souls they may be complicit in harming.

Too harsh of criticism? Nope. Too judgemental? Nope. Too unforgiving? Nope. To hypocritical (from an Original Sin point of view)? Nope (we all have a Conscience to guide us - or so I thought.)

These people are a cancer to the Catholic Church and all She Teaches. They all to a man need to be excised and replaced, but not before their replacements take the Oath Against Modernism, as all clergy used to do before the revolution of Vatican II stormed the gates of Holy Mother Church.

And yes, pray to God that the excise starts at the top, in whatever manner He ordains. For it is there, with the current and former occupants of the Papal Throne, that this cancer has been allowed to spread unabated - and with much malice aforethought, the severity of which now stares back at us daily.

And our eyes cannot avert themselves as they force our brains to read such disgusting - and heart wrenching - words.

Listen to the Prophet Jeremias speak...and those noted above should remember well his words:

" For from the least of them even to the greatest, all are given to covetousness: and from the prophet even to the priest, all are guilty of deceit. And they healed the breach of the daughter of my people disgracefully, saying: Peace, peace: and there was no peace. They were confounded, because they committed abomination: yea, rather they were not confounded with confusion, and they knew not how to blush: wherefore they shall fall among them that fall: in the time of their visitation they shall fall down, saith the Lord."

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