December 2, 2013

Heresy welcomed and 'Eucharisticly' ratified by pro-abortion Catholics

Canon 915 will never be applied with Catholic politicians, as long as the Catholic Church in the USA is funded, in part, by the US Government. There is no Moral Reason for NOT applying it - the violations are open, public, obstinate and ostentatiously shown by many a politician. They thumb their nose at their local Bishops, knowing full well their "Faithful Catholic" avatar is safe, thereby assuring their re-election next cycle by the 50% of "Faithful Catholics" who elected them in the first place. This is how adulterated Catholicism has become, when even the Bishops seemingly turn a blind eye to open violations of Church Moral Teaching. God help us...

Link to article below:

Heresy welcomed and 'Eucharisticly' ratified by pro-abortion Catholics

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