May 20, 2014

5/20/2014 Tuesday Night Nostalgia - Barbara, Johnny and Lionel

Barbara Fairchild - Blonde, just three years older than me and I remember always wanting to meet her whenever she played the local County Fairs around St. Louis. I never did meet her...but you can now:

Johnny Cash - I didn't like all of his music, but he could be an incurable romantic when he put his mind, guitar and voice to it: 

I remember a Commodores song, a bonfire, a moonlit evening at a farm with old high school friends - and a beautiful brunette I met there, long before I gave another beautiful brunette my heart many years later - and have never really gotten it back:

An Encore: For all you husbands: lest you forget the treasure that is doing the dishes while you're listening to Lionel...GO! Go get her! 

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