August 31, 2014

Aleteia: "Take Up Your Cross!"

From Aleteia:

"Take Up Your Cross!"

James Cooper CC

My posted comment to the above article (click on the title for re-direct to ALETEIA.ORG):

This is a truth seldom heard from the pulpits nowadays. The "God is Love In All Forms" mantra permeate today's homilies, borne out by the number of Masses I have attended [ed.-with my sons] where The Four Last Things - Death, Judgement, Heaven or Hell - are seldom heard, nor is as you stated above "... take up his cross, and follow me." We want our happiness here on earth, which was never promised, and in Heaven, which was. 

This seeking of earthly "happiness", this denial of the Cross of Christ, has never been more pervasive than in the modern culture of throwing off the Cross of marital woes, embracing divorce as its cure and the requisite re-marriage of Happiness - within or without of the Church. Divorce as a cure to marital woes is the anti-thesis of all Our Lord taught and what your article alludes to as well - Sanctification of self and of one's Spouse through the patient acceptance of our marital Crosses - whether from an inattentive and detached husband or a cold and emotionally dry wife. Patient acceptance of our spouses frailties, constant prayer on their and our own behalf to Christ and the selflessness required to stay with it for the sake of the Children - these are the steppingstones to Happiness in difficult marriages, à la St. Monica.

Divorce serves no useful purpose in most instances, except as a stepping stone to an earthly happiness for one or both spouses and, more often than not, is borne upon the shoulders of any children, who will carry the Marital Crosses of their Parents for the remainder of their natural lives.

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