November 3, 2015

Catholic Poland Rises and Stands Firm...

Predominantly Catholic Poland (87%) shows the rest of Europe and the World how to be Catholic, how to show Love for one's country and how to remain constantly on the "offense" against the enemies of both Faith and Country. 

Constant "defense" hardly wins a sporting match, let alone a war. [Ed.]

From Breitbart News:


Polish football (soccer) fans unveiled an enormous anti mass migration banner at Sunday’s Silesian Wrocław match against Poznań. Images from the match last night show a giant crusader defending Europe from invading jihadists in boats labelled USS Hussein, USS Bin Laden and USS ISIS.

Just a week after Poland voted to kick out every left-wing member of it’s national parliament, ordinary Poles have again shown the spirit which led them to elect the nationalist conservative Law and Justice party, with football fans unveiling an over-sized anti-migration banner at Sunday’s match.
The hand-painted sheet, which is estimated to have been at least 50 feet tall and 75 feet wide depicts boatloads of migrants preparing to land on the southern shore of Europe. Many of the boat’s crews make the one fingered ‘ISIS salute’.
polish Football 2
The banner is unfurled / Paweł Kot / Facebook

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