November 4, 2015

Guardians of the Gate

The above is who - and what - we Roman Catholics are. Silent sentinels, grabbing a short rest after a lengthy battle, ever ready to again raise our sword on short notice against any who dare try to breach our walls. We remain at our post, standing in defense of all that lays beyond the doorway, seemingly inert but with ears attuned to the winds around us.

This is our Catholic lot. This is what our Godparents promised in our name at our Baptism. This is why we were Confirmed as Soldiers of Christ. This is what we vowed at our Nuptial Mass. This is what wives and children expect of their husbands and Fathers - and what some Mothers must do in his stead. This is what the Cristeros did, as did their Vendean brothers and sisters before them.

These are the Faithful spouses, guarding the door to homes long abandoned by their once-thought lifelong mate; these are the Cardinal Burke's; the Athanasius Schneider's; the Bernard Fellay's. These are the likes of Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher, of Sts. Edmond Campion and Margaret Clitherow. These are the Mundabor's and the Rorate Caeli's; the Misses Barnhardt and White, as well as The Remnant's and the One Peter Five's. 

Who guard not to keep all others out, but to keep out only those who would fain to see harm done to those within the sacred walls. Who fight not to overthrow those in earthly authority, but to preserve that which has been bequeathed by the rightful King of both Heaven and earth. 

We are members of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, founded by Christ to bring all men to their eternal Salvation. Do not try to make of us anything besides that which Christ Himself ordained from all Eternity, or we will fight. Do not tell us we can now subvert our Faith in countless ways and still attain Heaven, or we will vomit you out of our mouths. Do not think that the wearing of white, purple or red assures our submission to your heretical or heterodox words, for we will bathe your darkness with 2,000 years of The Way, The Truth and The Light. Know that we cannot - and will not - walk where your path leads. We are sheep, but we can not - and will not - let ourselves be led astray by wolves.



We. are. Roman. Catholics.

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  1. Dave, you are SSPX. So did the Church officially teach error w/ V2 or not? "We are sheep, but we can not - and will not - let ourselves be led astray by wolves." Who's in the sheepfold - you or me?

    1. I am a Roman Catholic who attends SSPX Masses, nothing more. I have also assisted occasionally at the local FSSP and OF Parishes. We both are sheep of the same fold, under the one shepherd - Pope Francis.

      Is ecumenism teaching error? Is placing heretical religions on the same level as the Catholic Church teaching error? Is kissing Korans teaching error? Is promoting the pan-religious event at Assisi a teaching error? If nothing else, these all teach indifferentism in my mind - a "so what" mentality that says one religion is as good as the other - which is false. This is deadly for anyone's Soul, in my mind.

      I don't remember all of what the SSPX says about VII and error, without going to their website and reread numerous texts, which anyone can do who wants to know and understand better the SSPX's "official" position on many matters.

      Thanks for the comments and questions. God Bless.

  2. Just to be clear, my comment about the sheep and wolves had more to do with the recently ended Synod, where numerous wolves (Kasper & Marx LLC) were lurking about trying to get the sheep to follow their errors concerning divorced and remarried Catholics, sodomy, etc...and not worry about how it conflicted with, among other things, the 6th Commandment.


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