November 19, 2015

Prayer Request: Fr. Gregory Post, SSPX

Fr. Post and ABp Lefebvre
Please pray for Fr. Gregory Post who has been hospitalized with blood clots in his lungs. I am told he is in good spirits and being treated with an anti-coagulant to try to dissolve the clots, but this situation is still potentially quite serious nonetheless, especially due to his age.

Fr. Post was ordained by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1972, and was the first American priest to be so, if memory serves. I've also had the pleasure of serving Mass for him on many occasions when we were both at the priory in St. Louis, MO and before my marriage and family curtailed that a bit. That he always had the greatest of reverence during the Consecration is one of my many memories of serving his Masses. It was always a pleasure to be around him and I am sure his constant sense of humor has carried him well in his advanced years.

Please keep this fine and holy priest in your prayers. 

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