January 2, 2016

More on the SSPX & Rome...

via The Eponymous Flower from Wednesday, December 30, 2015: 

Father Schmidberger Foresees Canonical Recognition of the SSPX

In the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has agreed to extend an indult to the Priests of the Society of St. Pius X, to hear confessions. Former Superior, Father Franz Schmidberger forsees canonical recognition of the Society as well as greater cooperation.

In a recent interview, former superior of the Fraternity talks to La Stampa saying, "I trust that in the near future we can find solutions to recover full communion."

According Schmidberger Pope Francis' gesture will not be complete at the end of the Jubilee. "Indeed" - says Schmidberger - "it is hard to imagine that this is limited to the Holy Year, nor do I think this is the limit of the Pope's idea. Perhaps at first other similar gestures are to follow. No doubt - it seems - the Pope sees in our Fraternity a force that can be of help to, as many have claimed, the new evangelization.

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Father Schmidberger has said what I've been saying at the office since the Year of Mercy pronouncement for the SSPX priests: there is no going back now...the only movement is forward until Rome and the SSPX have verbally and canonically agreed to walk through the Mercy Door. To do anything less will be to paint the Year of Mercy as only a selective venture in fact.

The Holy Ghost is still working, I think....

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