Mission Statement

This blog was begun primarily as a means of  defending my marriage in particular and Catholic Marriage in general. (I also write personal commentary on whatever strikes me as relevant, including the nonsensical.) It is a "niche" blog, having a specific target audience in mind and having a specific goal: those who are in the midst of troubled marriages and my attempt to prevent them from making the biggest mistake of their lives and of their marriages. At the very least, I hope to cause them to step back from the edge and gaze at their prospective future before voluntarily throwing themselves and their family off the precipice.

I do not write of marriages or of divorces that have as their base abuse of any kind. That is an entirely different matter best left to the professionals. 

I do write of the 80-plus-percent of divorces that fall under the "irreconcilable differences" category. I write of the ugliness, because divorce is ugly and will always remain so. I write emotionally, because that is what divorce is: an emotional decision and people nowadays react to emotions. I write of personal experiences within my marriage, because they are shared by others and not particular to mine alone. I write of my opinions, because I can. I write honestly because it is required for validity. I write to inform, to berate, to cajole. I write to get the reader to use their Reason instead of their Passions in order to, hopefully, preserve their Catholic marriage and family. I'm no professional, but I've been there and done that...you do not want to follow this road, believe me. Divorce has the capacity to break you - personally, emotionally and spiritually - and it has done so to others. Divorce is not your friend and can never be your friend because it causes harm to the innocent!

If you don't like what I write, then don't read the blog. If you think I'm overly-dramatic, then don't read the blog. If you think I'm against happy marriages, don't read the blog. If you think I'm for loveless marriages, don't read the blog. You do not belong here, so stop torturing yourself. Go read a blog more to your liking. Or use the comm box and vent. I'll either justify what I've written or delete what I've written...or delete what you've written, if you write your emotions. Otherwise, set your porn-blocker to this site and never return.

I am not the victim here, so don't take that from anything I write. The only true victims are my ten children, those few who yet remain estranged from me, and the millions of other children of divorce. If you believe I write to make myself a victim, then let me know and I will make it most clear to you who are the real victims and who is not.

This blog rightfully belongs to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and has since December 8, 2013. I write for Her as the editor and am ultimately responsible to Her.

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