Mission Statement

(Updated 2/25/2018)

This blog was begun primarily as a means of  defending my marriage in particular and Catholic Marriage in general, but has since evolved into all matters of Catholicism, personal commentary or whatever strikes me as relevant, including the nonsensical. It is still a "niche" blog with a specific target audience in mind (Roman Catholics) but now has a more broad goal: the defense of Roman Catholicism as it was handed down by Our Lord Jesus Christ. The defense of Catholic Marriage is still extant, though now incorporated into the broader defense of Catholicism as the whole.

If you don't like what I write, then don't read the blog. If you think I'm overly-dramatic or that I'm against happy marriages, don't read the blog. If you think I hate the current Pope, then especially don't read this blog. You do not belong here, so stop torturing yourself. Go read a blog more to your liking. Or use the comm box and vent. I'll either justify what I've written, modify it or delete it - if you can prove with facts that I am wrong. But I will certainly delete what you've written if I believe you write solely from emotions.

This blog rightfully belongs to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and has since December 8, 2013. I write for Her as the editor and am ultimately responsible to Her.

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